Akron: LeBron lovers cheer on a ring for the King

10:52 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
Getty Images: Ronald Martinez
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A ring for the King? There's a lot of people who say that's the last thing they'd want to see. But, there are those who still love LeBron James and you'll find a lot of them in Akron.

"He's from Akron. That's where I'm from. You see what court you're on," says Akron's Nate Harris, as we stand on a basketball court at Perkin's Park.

This is King James Court. It's where he played as a kid. It's also the court he refurbished with his own money and sponsorship from Nike.

Even after the controversial "decision" that took his talents to South Beach, "Akron's favorite son" constantly gave to local charities.

And the way he left?? That doesn't bother Akron natives.

"I love him, he's from Akron. Ain't about what he did to me," says Harris.

"They probably got over the Cleveland thing because he did that to Cleveland - he didn't do it to Akron," says Larry Sullivan when talking about his friend's devotion to LeBron.

Besides, there are plenty of people who were burned by LeBron James in the past. Like Coach Matthew Humphrey Jr., whose middle school team lost in the final round to LeBron.

"Ooohhhh he whooped me! He whooped me man. I know he's laughing right now because he remembers that day at Perkins Middle School," says Humphrey.

While that was probably his first championship, there's a good shot it won't be his last.


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