Dangerous, secret procedure with silicone all the rage

8:05 PM, Jun 22, 2012   |    comments
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Dangerous new trend is causing concern as young girls are going to extreme measures to look like their favorite celebrities.

That includes an illegal procedure that's leaving some victims sick, others disfigured and some even dead.

Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins brings you the story of Ashley and Nicole, who underwent an illegal medical procedure to get their backsides enlarged.

It's like a secret society so basically you have to know someone who knew someone.

Several times these women went to hotel rooms and apartments in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Philadelphia where they had someone inject them with liquid silicone.

It's called "getting pumped" and its getting popular.

Regular college students, housewives, working women say they want the Kim Kardashian look and more recently, I want the Nikki Minaj look.


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