Reaction: Supreme Court health care ruling

1:31 PM, Jun 28, 2012   |    comments
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Rep. Steve LaTourette (OH-14) "The decision today should put to rest the notion that Chief Justice Roberts is a partisan rubber stamp. Today's decision, while disappointing, is an example of what the Founding Fathers envisioned as three independent branches of government. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the bill is not unconstitutional, it is for the nation's elected leadership to determine if it is good policy," LaTourette said.

"I've always believed there were some good things within the law, like covering pre-existing conditions and keeping your children on your insurance up to age of 26. Now that the highest court in the land has spoken, I still worry the law takes away from the patient doctor relationship and puts more decisions in the hands of bureaucrats. I remain concerned that the law lacks common sense and does nothing to reduce cost for those who currently have coverage and there are a whole slew of new taxes that are certainly not good for hardworking taxpayers."

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)

"The Supreme Court decision is right for America. It affirms the right of every American to have access to health insurance that is affordable. It affirms that we are moving toward a system where no one can be left out.

A child with a preexisting condition is afforded equal respect to one who has no such challenge; Young people up to the age of 28 in Ohio can remain on their parents' insurance plans, and are not left out as before; Senior citizens will pay less for prescription drugs, so far saving $164 million in Ohio; Being a woman will no longer mean you are second class in health services; And owners and employees of small business -- which constitute half the uninsured in our country -- will finally, get a chance to access affordable plans off a private insurance exchange.

This decision keeps America moving forward. We are a CAN DO nation, not a nation of naysayers. Now, let us get on with the task of building our economy and the jobs that will result from certainty about health insurance access and affordability."

Rep. Betty Sutton (OH-13) "The Supreme Court has spoken, and we need to move forward. It is past time for members from both parties to move on to the major economic problems facing our country - creating jobs and helping small businesses grow. While there is still more work to do to lower health care costs for all Americans, Congress needs to get its priorities straight; we will never get ahead unless the focus is on creating jobs and getting our economy back on track."

U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16):
"Obviously, I am very disappointed that the Supreme Court failed to strike down the massive health care overhaul which is ineffective and opposed by a majority of Americans. The Court is not perfect and this is not the first time - nor will it be the last time - they came to the wrong conclusion. In many cases the Court has eventually moved to overturn a previous mistake, an outcome that I and a majority of Americans remain hopeful for in this case.

"Despite the Court voting to uphold the law as constitutional, the fact remains that this law has raised taxes, gutted Medicare, increased premiums, added burdensome regulations, and substantially increased the cost of health care for American families. It is also important to remember that this decision in no way prevents legislators from repealing it in the future and replacing it with legislation that both increases consumer freedom and lowers health care costs - two things the President's law has proven to be incapable of doing."

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) "While the Court has deemed the law constitutional as a tax on the American people, it is still flawed policy that is unaffordable for our families, our small businesses, and our government. The President's one-size-fits-all health care spending law is the centerpiece of a failed agenda that has increased economic uncertainty, stalled job creation, and deepened the spending hole that Washington has dug.

"It's time to change course and focus on growing jobs, instead of growing government. It didn't need to come to this. Washington didn't need to pass highly partisan legislation that is increasing premiums on families by $2,100 per year, increasing the deficit by billions of dollars, and killing thousands of jobs through billions of dollars in new taxes.

"There was, and still is, a better way to improve our health care system without the heavy hand of government and massive new taxes. I'm hopeful the President will be willing to work with Republicans and Democrats alike on patient centered health care that actually reduces costs and expands access."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

"Today's ruling demonstrates that health care is not the third rail in American politics. It demonstrates that reform is possible. It demonstrates that Medicare for All is inevitable.

"The Affordable Care Act provided health care to those most vulnerable among us - those of the lowest income - by expanding Medicaid, a health insurance program for low-income Americans. It provided much-needed benefits.

"In today's ruling, the Supreme Court held that states have the power to reject that expansion and maintain the status quo. That means that in states in which the governor decides not to prioritize providing health care to the poor, even though the federal government is paying for the vast majority of the expansion, the poor can be left out in the cold.

"Today is an important day for millions of Americans who will not be denied benefits under the Affordable Care Act. But this is not the end of the conversation. Medicare for All is the solution America needs to stop the ever-rising costs of health care and provide full coverage for everyone.

Statement from MetroHealth Medical Center
The Supreme Court's decision today to uphold the Affordable Care Act will help us to advance our mission of providing care for all, regardless of their ability to pay. We know firsthand of the challenges that people without insurance have in maintaining their health. We have seen an ongoing and steady increase in the number of healthcare visits that we provide for uninsured patients. Since 2008, these visits have increased by nearly 50% and we are on pace for 243,000 visits this year, a 7% increase from 2011.

Currently we are working with the State of Ohio to obtain approval for a Medicaid waiver that will allow about 20,000 Cuyahoga County uninsured people to receive many health care benefits prior to 2014. We hope the Federal government will move to approve it quickly now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Medicaid portion of the law.


Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199 and advocate for universal health care coverage: "This is a bright day for democracy in our country, as the Supreme Court of the United States put the health of over 31 million Americans ahead of politics and corporate profits. Healthcare is a right and we will stand up for the right for affordable and accessible healthcare for all at the bargaining table, in our communities and most certainly at the ballot box this fall." 



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