Cleveland: Police officers injured during chase

7:25 PM, Jun 30, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Four police officers were injured during a traffic stop in the city's warehouse district.

According to a police report, three officers were in the area when they heard a vehicle nearby playing loud music.

Two of the officers, who were on foot, signaled for the car to pull over. A third officer exited his patrol car and also assisted with the stop.

There were three suspects in the vehicle. The driver reached towards his waistband and was told to show his hands. He didn't comply forcing officers to draw their weapons. At that time, the car sped off.

Officers returned to a patrol car and gave chase. The suspects' car came to a stop on Frankfort in front of a parking lot. The driver and the front passenger ran on foot in opposite directions. The rear passenger stayed in the car and was arrested.

Another suspect was later located at W. Huron and W. Superior Avenues. Police were unable to locate the third suspect.

While giving chase, one of the patrol cars was involved in an accident. All involved officers were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where they were treated and released.


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