Lakewood: Political ads inspire protest poem

7:01 PM, Jul 9, 2012   |    comments
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LAKEWOOD -- Bill Knittel writes poems and song verses when he's inspired, moved or just fed up with maddening situations.

He's been dubbed the official Poet Laureate of Lakewood.

In the middle of last week's sweltering heat wave, Bill was getting hot under the collar about one subject, the barrage of oversimplified, misleading and negative TV campaign ads being run by both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

So he put his frustration into verse, called "A Presidential Debate."

Knittel explained, "You keep seeing them going over and over. One does it, the other does it...It's just like kids fighting back and forth and you don't find out the don't know what they are going to do."

"They're supposed to be there for us, the people. They are just there for themselves," he continued.

Knittel isn't yet sure who he will vote for. He's a retired hardware store clerk who says he's had more of a Democratic background but voted for John McCain four years ago.

He exhorts both candidates, "Show us your best, the real you. And let us see what you can really do."

Tom Beres profiles Knittel and his latest poem tonight on Channel 3 News at 6.


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