Akron magistrate resigns; dash-cam video prompts questions

7:44 PM, Jul 12, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- Dash-cam video shows a woman being arrested for suspected drunk driving. But it's what she got caught saying on tape saying about a local magistrate that's turning heads.

In May, Ashley Boykin, 25, of Cuyahoga Falls, was pulled over on Arlington Road in Akron and charged with DUI.

She keeps telling the Ohio Highway Patrol troopers arresting her: "Call my boyfriend, Magistrate Orlando Williams."

Orlando Williams abruptly resigned earlier this month, but insists it's not connected to the case.

He resigned June 28, just after he recused himself from a months-old eviction case where Boykin was the defendant.

In the 30 minute video, Boykin references Williams three times.

"Can I call my boyfriend to come pick me up? He's a judge," said Boykin.

"Your boyfriend's judge?...Where?" said the trooper.

"At Akron Municipal Court."

"What's his name?" said the trooper.

"Orlando. He's a magistrate now. Orlando Williams," she answered.

About five minutes later, she pleads, "Can you please call Orlando?"

"Where is Orlando at right now?" the trooper asked.

"At home in bed," she said.

"Where's that at?"

"In West Akron. He'll come down to the police station and pick me up," said Boykin.

In published reports, Williams has said he knows Boykin as an acquaintance only, and his resignation had to do with how much money he was making, not any improper handling of a case.

Williams is using paid sick leave and will leave Akron Municipal Court on July 20.


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