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Consumer Minute: Swiping a credit card could cost you more

7:44 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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Struggling seniors think they're getting help to pay for food or housing, but instead are getting ripped off.

This latest scam is different than the one we warned you about last week, where criminals were telling people President Obama would pay their utilities.

The "Full Circle Fund" is local and promises free money for everything from rent, to healthcare, to major appliances, but is not a legitimate assistance program, according to the Better Business Bureau.

These fliers are being posted in bus stops, community centers and were even handed out at Tower City. It lists a phone number with a 216 area code and callers are asked to provide a Social Security number and other personal information. The BBB warns, never give your Social Security number over the phone.

Swiping your credit card could cost you extra money. Right now, stores have to pay a fee every time you use your Visa or Mastercard. After a lot of wrangling in court, the retailers and credit card companies agreed last week that fee can be passed along to you.

So, if a credit card company charges a store 50 cents every time you pay with credit, the store can charge you that extra 50 cents. The good news is, stores are now able to negotiate lower swipe fees with the credit card companies because of this settlement.

Your little girl could be wearing slippery socks. Old Navy is recalling nearly 40,000 "aqua socks." The soles of the shoes have less traction on wet or smooth surfaces and it's causing a slipping hazard.

The shoes were sold from February through June, in pink and purple, toddler sizes 5 through 11. You can take them back to Old Navy and they'll give you a full refund. And if you go back before November 9, Old Navy will give you a $10 coupon.


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