CEO: Proposed Cleveland schools levy would be 15 mills

11:54 PM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland CEO Eric Gordon has proposed a 15-mill levy that would cost homeowners about $300 annually.

Wednesday night, Gordon said the levy he is proposing would be 15 mills and run for four years.

Voters would need to renew the levy after four years.

The school board said it would not vote on the proposal Wednsday night but would vote on July 31.

The levy campaign would be called the "Right Plan, Right Now."

The district is facing a nealy $20 million deficit down from $65 million, and plans to eventually  lengthen the school year and school day and save programs that may be cut.

If the November levy fails, the deficit will rise to $50 million. If the levy fails, the district will cut 700 to 800 teachers. 

A levy has not passed for Cleveland schools since 1996. That levy was for 13.5 mills.


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