New owner Jimmy Haslam down in the Dawg Pound

12:11 AM, Aug 25, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Not everyone at Cleveland Browns Stadium recognized Jimmy Haslam III. But fans quickly found out, he was not just another face in the crowd.

"He said, 'Hi, I'm Jimmy.' And I'm thinking, 'Holy cow!'" said Lisa Haynes-Henry. "It's the man. It's the new man, who's hopefully going to bring really great things back to Cleveland. And bring us a winning team and a really great environment."

Haslam wanted to see Browns Town top to bottom during the preseason home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.
He started with an inside look of WKYC's production with General Manager Brooke Spectorsky.

Friday it was a Haslam Family affair for Jimmy, his wife Dee, even his dad Jim Jr. was on the field before the game began.
Some couldn't believe their eyes as Haslam walked the concourse and stopped in at Stadium Grill.

"This is the first time you've gotten to see him. He's here!" said Browns fan Dustin Kessler. "You don't see owners that much. It's pretty nice."

"Randy Learner never came out here and shook anybody's hand. You know, this guy's in a bar. He's a billionaire. He's in a bar. With the common people," said Dan Newland.

Haslam says for now he's here to ask questions. He even went down to the Dawgs. Haslam sat in the Dawg Pound in Section 120 for much of the first half.

He told listeners on the Cleveland Browns Radio Network: "We have been just blown away by how excited everybody is about football. We feel the excitement ourselves. And we're committed to doing everything we can to bring a winner back here to Cleveland."

Fans say it's a winning start for the man that just bought the Browns.

"Let's hope this guy's in it for good," said Newland.


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