Lordstown: VP Biden rallies auto workers

6:43 PM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
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LORDSTOWN -- Vice President Joe Biden rallied auto workers near General Motors' Lordstown complex.

He told about 250 current and retired members of UAW Local 1714 that the Mahoning Valley was making a comeback, and that GM's commitment to build the next generation of Chevy Cruze in Lordstown was evidence of that.

Biden later traveled to nearby Warren, where he stopped in a local coffee shop, shook hands, and took photos. He was accompanied by Rep. Tim Ryan and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

Outside the Mocha House, suprised onlookers talked about the suport, and their doubts about the Obama-Biden administration. 

"I'm not sure I'm sold on Obamacare, Kathy Lamarco began. "I tend to agree we're better off with economic reform coming from the Republicans, jobs coming from the Republicans."

Although she hasn't made up her mind completely, Lamarco told WKYC she is leaning Republican.

"The economy is a big issue here in Warren.  We need jobs in this area. We just need jobs."

Her co-worker Kesha Lampley also watched Biden interact with customers outside the Mocha House.

"They're always focused on Ohio because that's where the votes are split." Her vote will go to reelect the Obama-Biden team, which she thinks has handled the economy well enough.   

"With the auto industry the economy is a big deal because people need to know what they're going to do," she explained. "It's very important for families, because that's where the majority of the income here comes from."

At the nearby Hot Dog Shoppe, a Trumbull County landmark which was visited by Rep. Paul Ryan right after he was selected to be Mitt Romney's running mate, political talk sizzled right along with the hundreds of hot dogs that would be served at lunch.

"I like what Obama's doing," offered retired factory worker Lyle Gardner. "I feel most of the problems we have now are because of the Republicans prior to him, George W. Bush."

Shirley Matyi agreed. "Obama was left with a horrid mess that would take more than four years to fix," she maintained. "So people have to remember that and give him a good chance. It's not his fault what he was left with. No one could fix it.  He'd have to work magic."

But Aaron Hull has turned sour on Barack Obama, who he supported in 2008. The father of three young daughters declared, "I don't agree with what he's done the last four years, especially in the area of leadership."

He looked at Trumbull County's 9 percent plus unemployment rate and concluded, "That's why this area's the focal point. And that's the problem with this country, the jobs are going away."

A senior citizen listening at the lunch counter chimed in, "I'm going to vote for Romney. I'm not going to vote for Obama because things have been terrible for me since he took office."

Although she wouldn't give her name, the energetic woman pushed aside her hot dog and fries to explain further. "I have never been more poor, or worried about my health. I have talked to plenty of doctors who told me if this Obamacare goes through, they're going to quit."

"Then what am I going to do?" 


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