See the Possible: Company started by dad to help kids

6:19 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Tim Moran will never forget the sound of his daughter Ellie, born two months premature, screaming in a NICU after she was born. 

"On a daily basis doctors treated her with devices that made her cry and scream in pain and I asked the doctors isn't there something you can do about this and they said we wish we could but there just aren't enough medical devices to treat little kids like this," Moran says.

That inspired Moram to start PediaWorks a company that would make medical devices to fit children.  The first project, angiography catheters to diagnose heart problems.

"A smaller patient deserves to get a smaller catheter and unfortunately we haven't had that until now," says Dr. Alex Golden, a pediatric cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Golden helped develop some of the aspects of the catheter and was paid by the company.  In about a month he expects to begin using it on his patients. 

The catheter received FDA approval in 18 months which is very unusual. 

"They are the first and only angio catheters to receive a special pediatric designation from the FDA which requires special evidence of safety.  Almost no products used on children have this designation," Moran says.

Moran says he could have designed the product anywhere but in Cleveland he has access to some of the best medical minds in the world. 

The catheter isn't the only project PediaWorks is working on, they also developing a child size stent, used to open arteries, that would dissolve over time.

"This could mean the difference between life and death in many children because kids grow and the devices don't and that's a major problem. Right now they have to make patients wait until they're older to accommodate and adult stent or they have to pull the stent out later which is a very dangerous procedure," Moran says.

Eight years later, his daughter Ellie is the picture of health and the inspiration behind a Cleveland Biotech company that may help thousands of children. 

PediaWorks is based at the Cleveland Clinic Innovations BioEnterprise building and experts from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital have been used as resources. 










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