Gas price spike won't last long

6:09 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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Have you filled up your tank lately? If not, you might be surprised. Gas prices shot up this week to nearly $4 a gallon.

Bill Prymus operates the Shell station at Smith and Snow where gas is up 20 cents from last week alone. Of course, he doesn't get a cut.

"I pay for this gas $3.71, so the cost it's an 8 cents difference. But for every credit card a customer is using, it's costing me almost 16 cents per gallon."

Gas station owners across the country are outraged about prices. Dozens in Pennsylvania even pricing theirs at $8.99 out of protest to oil company, Lukoil.

The gas price spike seems to be due to Hurricane Isaac, a Midwest gas pipeline shutting down and the more expensive summer blend of ethanol.

But in a matter of days, oil companies will mix their winter blend which causes a drop in prices during the winter months.

Bill thinks with all those factors, including the upcoming election, prices will be more manageable.

"We will have a better condition for the consumer, and I'd like to have it as well."


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