Cleveland zoo acclimates 2 lions from sanctuary

10:50 AM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is involved in a carefully orchestrated move to acclimate two newly arrived lions.

Eight-year-old Nala and 7-year-old Serena arrived at the Cleveland zoo in July from a private sanctuary and went on public display this month.

It took months to acclimate them because they were unfamiliar with public spectators. Another big step came this week, as the new arrivals lolled outside with a longtime resident male lion, 14-year-old Moufasa.

Zookeeper Chris Peterson tells The Plain Dealer that acclimating the newcomers is time-consuming and meant to deter their aggressive behavior.

Peterson says any excitement means the familiarity process "has really gone wrong.

The Associated Press

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