iPhone 5 released to anxious customers

5:42 PM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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People lined up at stores across the U.S. hoping to buy the latest must-have for tech fans -- the iPhone 5.

Apple received 2 million orders in the first 24 hours of announcing its release date, more than twice the number for the iPhone 4S in the same period when that phone launched a year ago.

After a sleepless night of anticipation, iPhone lovers have the latest version in hand at both Crocker Park and Legacy Village.

Pre-sale records were shattered when the redesigned version became available. But for Christie Zedar, shipping would take too long.

"The first day they went on presale, I tried to go on and it was already going to ship beginning of October. So, I decided I would give it a shot, because I want to have it."

But even as she stood in line, two hours after doors opened at Legacy's Apple store, inventory was being sold out.

"When I first got in line, they had no 64, white AT&T phones left, but after I was halfway through, they said 'do you want to switch it out?' So I don't know how they became available, but I was able to get it," she said. 

For AT&T's regional manager, Chad McFadden, the long lines are never a surprise.

"Not anymore. But this year has been unusually large," says McFadden.

It could be because of the major differences between the previous version and latest. It's a little bit bigger and it's faster with the LTE processor.

Some analysts estimate up to 10 million iPhone 5 devices could be sold by the end of the month alone.


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