Mystery surrounds the case of Amy Mihaljevic twenty years later

7:11 PM, Oct 6, 2012   |    comments
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BAY VILLAGE -- Amy Mihaljevic was only 10 when she was lured away from a Bay Village shopping center and killed by a stranger.

More than 20-years later, the mystery surrounding her murder continues.   

That stranger who took Amy's life has yet to be found.   

The killer took trophies, including Amy's riding boots, her turquoise horse earrings, and a notebook.  

For the first time, police are releasing a picture of a carpet fiber found on Amy's body. New technology could allow them to identify the make and model of the killer's car.    

Crime Stoppers aired its Mihaljevic Mystery Saturday night at 7 right here on WKYC-TV. 


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