Police: Do you know Amy Mihaljevic's killer?

11:39 PM, Oct 6, 2012   |    comments
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BAY VILLAGE -- The mysterious murder of a 10-year-old Bay Village girl continues to haunt parents. More than 22 years after Amy Mihaljevic was abducted and murdered, killer has yet to be caught. 

Saturday night's episode of Crime Stoppers was meant to jog people's memories, as well as introduce new evidence to the public that police hope will help them to identify her killer. Mihaljevic disappeared on October 27, 1989. 

A then 10-year-old Amy went to a Bay Village shopping center with friends. Not long after she meets up with a man the two left the shopping area together. It'd be the last time Amy was seen alive. 

The search for Amy began almost instantly. Bay Village police, along with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, canvassed the area. In retracing her steps, they discovered that Amy had gone to the shopping center to meet the man who had taken her.

"Somebody that had been calling her and trying to get her to go shopping to buy a present for her mother," said Det. Lt. Mark Spaetzel. 

One hundred and six days later, Amy's body was discovered by a jogger in a farm field in Ashland County. It's what wasn't found with her body that could help you identify her killer. 

Amy's ankle high riding boots with silver buttons, a pair of turquoise horse-head earrings, and black notebook with the engraving, "Best in Class" were never located. 

Police believe the killer kept them as trophies. Police also located microscopic fibers found on Amy's clothing. 

Recently a forensic lab identified the fibers as carpet belonging to a General Motors vehicle made between 1975 and 1978. The interior of the car was camel-colored.

Amy's killer is a white man, at the time in his 20's or 30's.  Police believe the killer is someone who moves around frequently. 

They also believe he had some sort of major stress or crisis in his life before Amy's murder, and perhaps underwent a major change afterwards. 

The major change following the crime could be the killer stopped or started drinking or doing drugs, or possibly found religion. 

There's a reward of up to $27,000 leading to the arrest of Amy's killer. 

If anyone has any information, you're asked to call Bay Village Police at 440-871-1234.


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