Columbus Day parade sails through Little Italy

4:58 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Candy got the kids excited, but bread sparked a frenzy.

As the annual Columbus Day Parade in Little Italy capped off, many of the once-calm parade gazers dashed into the street, hoping to clutch a bag of fresh bread, as dozens of bags were tossed from the back of an Orlando Baking Company truck.

In a voracious whirl, the crowd followed the truck down the street with their arms stretched skyward, reaching for the bags of bread, while smashing dozens of previously tossed unfetched Tootsie Rolls under their feet.

The parade, which kicked off at noon, also featured multiple local marching bands, city officials, judges, floats and classic cars. The kids sitting along the route raced to snatch candy that was tossed their direction -- but there was so much candy that plenty of it went unnoticed on the pavement.

Mike Eruzione, of the famed 1980 championship U.S. Olympic hockey team, was one of the parade's special guests. He was there to march in support of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


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