Making A Difference: The 'Sewing Ladies'

11:05 AM, Oct 20, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- They can work anywhere and they talk to people around the world.

Glenda Allen and Marge Little work for IBM. Their job is to make sure everything stays afloat. 

"We are online all the time," says Allen, as she answers e-mails.

Two years ago, IBM had a day of volunteering. The ladies volunteered at the 2100 Lakeside Men's Homeless Shelter, where they soon found a need that needed hemming.

"While we were there, it touched me a lot in the fact that I saw the men with very tattered clothes." says Allen.

"We didn't know that anyone would even want this type of service, to have somebody sew their clothes," Little added.

Lines grew for the one-of-a-kind sewing factory, but for these sewing ladies, they were doing something more for the nation's second largest Men's Homeless Shelter.  

"Their work is professional, even with the most tedious tasks of replacing zippers," said Lydia Bailey, the Coordinator of Volunteers at the shelter.

"Everybody has a story. Some people can't help that they're there. They just have terrible circumstances," says Allen.

One of the things the women need to get these men back on top is zippers.

"If someone could just donate zippers, we could do alot more these coming winter months," Little said.

Zippers would help the women hem jackets that can keep the men warm and looking good for possible jobs.

"You cannot go to a job interview if your clothes are wet and you have been on the street for 3-4 days. If they have a job interview, they can go and look decent, even if it is just to come in and borrow the iron to iron their shirts. 100 percent they can go and feel confident about themselves," said Allen.

"We actually see the difference that we make."

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