Psychic Sylvia Brown takes on Amanda Berry case

4:35 PM, Nov 17, 2004   |    comments
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In the meantime, with few leads for law enforcement, Amanda's mom asked to meet psychic Sylvia Browne, a regular guest on the Montel Williams show. "I just wonder if she's ever going to come back home," her mother, Louwana Miller, says. Miller watched her teenage daughter go to work April 21, 2003. But never saw her come home. "It's been such a hard year and a half Bill, it really has," Miller says. Amanda worked her shift at a Burger King, while walking home she was on the cell phone with her sister Beth. Amanda told Beth she got a ride and before Beth can ask from whom, Amanda hung up and disappeared. It's been devastating for her mom. What's worse, investigators are out of leads. "That's all I want is one answer, I can't get it," Miller says. Although law enforcement says psychics have never solved a crime, Amanda's mom felt world-renown psychic Sylvia Brown could help. "She'll let me know what happened to my baby," she says. "That's good news." With that, she was off to New York and before long a guest of Montel's. "My head is rattling right now," Miller says. "I don't know what to say. [I'm] Just waiting to see Sylvia tell me my baby is out there waiting for me. I guess, I don't know." It was nerve racking but Sylvia is known to just say what she feels even if it's bad news. "I don't know how I'm going to react if I get a bad answer, probably why I was up all night wondering what the answer is going to be," Miller says. As nervous as she was, it wasn't long before the crew walked her to the studio to meet Sylvia. The cameras were on Miller, in the control room the story that haunted this Cleveland mom was making it to a national audience. It wasn't long before they started talking about how and when Amanda vanished. "She usually had somebody to take her to work because she hated walking in that uniform," Miller says. It didn't take Sylvia long to share what she thought about the person who picked up Amanda. "Short, kind of stocky build, heavy set, dark complicated, narrow eyes," Brown says. It's a description that has Amanda's mom and family wondering, but it's not all Sylvia had to say. There's more. The producers of Montel will share it with us on their next show, Wednesday at 3 p.m. on Channel 3 News.

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