Hot Topics: What's it like to swim with sharks?

7:41 PM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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The embattled ex-captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship came face-to-face with passengers for the first time since the disaster. The 51-year-old captain is accused of running his ship into the ground and abandoning it in January. The capsizing of the boat killed 32 people including an American couple.

This could be the most-watched moment ever on YouTube. Austrian-born Felix Baumgartner stepped out of a balloon Sunday on the edge of space and plunged to earth. Fearless Felix, as he's been nicknamed, broke three world records on his descent back to earth. He was nearly 24 miles high went he jumped.

What's it really like to swim with sharks? Just ask Randy Atkinson and Laura Bindernagel. They can tell you because they did it at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. These two brave local folks were the first to take part in the aquarium's "Diving with the Sharks" program. It's a chance to allow certified scuba divers to dive with sharks, stingrays, and fish. Looks like fun.


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