Promise: 'Because I said I would'

8:38 AM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It is a promise that now has global attention. 

A father not known to many, but to those he knew, he kept his word. His son Alex Sheen, started a movement in his father's honor called "Because I said I would."

Sheen's father, Wei Min, passed away from lung cancer just this past September. Sheen wanted to honor his father by helping people keep their promises. 

He has been sending 10 promise cards to anyone who would request them -- at his own expense. The only text on the card is the phrase "because I said I would."

The idea:  Write your promise on the card and when it is fulfilled, you get the card back, remembering you kept your word to that person.

"I wanted to help people remember the promises they made and the promises my father made to me," said Sheen.

He has sent promise cards to President Obama, Gov. Mitt Romney and each candidate for all 33 open seats in the Senate, asking them to keep their promises.


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