Hyland Software adding 300 jobs

10:10 PM, Oct 20, 2012   |    comments
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One local company has a rapidly increasing need to hire. Hyland Software is adding 300 jobs, which would double their new hires for this year.

"We are making your lives better," says Jesse Caseldine.

He's not in a superhero costume, just jeans and a T-shirt. But the work Jesse Caseldine does makes small businesses, hospitals and large corporations run more efficiently. He's a software solutions consultant.

"We basically make the software fit their needs as best as possible."

Of course, you might assume Jesse studied extensive computer science, but that's not the case.

"When I came to Hyland Software, I came in, I didn't -- I wasn't a software developer. I was an engineer, I wasn't necessarily a solutions consultant, even."

New employees at Hyland Software attend classes to get up to speed on technology and software. Sarah Justice in Human Resources says it's the only way they can meet hiring demands.

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"We have a really robust training program here. Where an employee will go through two to four weeks of training."

They hired 300 people in 2012 and the company is already looking to fill 300 more positions. Hyland has openings in Research and Development, software implementation, sales and marketing.

As for the perks, there's an in-house hairstylist, chef and deli and daycare just off-site.

"We try to make sure we have those things available here so then people don't have to - when they leave work they can spend time with their families and have that work life balance," says Sarah Justice.

Hyland currently has 1,400 employees and serves clients in 63 countries. The human resources manager tells me every resume submitted is reviewed by a person in H.R.

If someone has skills that would apply to one of their 300 openings, they are considered.


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