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Beachwood: RTA bus driver turns himself in to face charges

5:44 PM, Oct 22, 2012   |    comments
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BEACHWOOD -- The RTA bus driver who punched an unruly passenger and found that video of it had gone viral on the internet turned himself in to police Monday to face criminal charges.

Artis Hughes faces one count of assault -- the charge was brought by the passenger who didn't pay her fare and then spit on him. He then delivered that now infamous uppercut caught on video by a couple other passengers on an RTA bus in Beachwood.

Dozens of fellow drivers and RTA employees walked with Artis Hughes as he turned himself in.

Many of them talked about being assaulted themselves and how dangerous is can be when you're dealing with unruly passengers.

Hughes - who was indefinitely suspended by RTA - eventually posted bond and was released and told us and his co-workers how much he appreciated their support.

The charge against bus driver Artis Hughes is a first degree misdemeanor, a serious charge. He's going to be arraigned on Election Day of all things.

His union says they'll stand by him and hope this is a wake-up call to the dangers they say drivers face every day.

Hughes has been on indefinite suspension without pay since the incident. The union is trying to change that -- saying it amounts to a firing. The drivers union also wants the City of Cleveland to draw up some kind of law to better protect bus drivers.


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