Lorain: Ohioans stock up for Sandy

11:32 PM, Oct 28, 2012   |    comments
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LORAIN -- It is only a matter a time before Northeast Ohio begins feeling the effects of Sandy. 

Many people spent the day getting ready for the worst. Among the items people were hoping to get their hands on were generators.

Several local hardware and supply stores say they've sold out completely over the past few days. 

Caleb Johnson was able to get his hands on the last one at the Lorain Home Depot after calling a half dozen other stores in the area, but that wasn't all he picked up. 

"Flashlights, batteries, getting ready just in case," said Johnson.

Shoppers were also stocking up at grocery stores. We caught up with Antonette Bedient as she finished her shopping. 

"We're taking heed to what's coming and hopefully everyone else is too," said Bedient. 

She says she and her family are ready to ride out the storm. 

"We got extra blankets out. We're making a lot of soup... we're out today, going to bunker down the next couple days," Bedient said. 

Lorain County Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Kelley says a plan has already been put into place. There are more than 200 shelter locations throughout the area and a dozen of them would be powered by generators. 

Flooding and power outages are expected. Kelley says we could even see a storm surge on the south shore of the lake. 

A storm surge "will raise the lake a couple feet... we could possibly have 20-foot waves," said Kelley. 

Kelley recommends each home have a battery-powered radio in case communications go down. 

If you find yourself in need of assistance during the storm, you can dial 2-1-1.


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