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FirstEnergy priorities for restoring NEO power

2:37 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- FirstEnergy wants Northeast Ohioans what its priorities are for restoring power if power lines are downed.

  • FirstEnergy crews will secure any known hazards first --downed wires, for example -- usually by sending out Hazard Responders to keep the area clear. They are not trained to make repairs. They are there to help keep the public safe until repairs can be made.
  • FirstEnergy gives priority to hospitals, police and fire departments and other critical facilities.
  • FirstEnergy repairs transmission lines and substations that supply power to the local system first.
  • Then FirstEnergy makes repairs that restore the largest number of customers -- this is the fastest way to restore all customers.
  • FirstEnergy understands that customers with well water face additional challenges when the power is out as many of FirstEnergy employees have wells, too. The best way to address this is to stock up on drinking water and fill bathtubs with water in advance of the storm.
  • Listen to the local media for information on shelters and free ice and water distribution.


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