Fairview Park: Thousands still in the dark

6:55 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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FAIRVIEW PARK -- Thousands of Fairview Park families are looking at another cold night without heat or lights.

Yvonne and Don Foye are one some 4,600 families in Fairview Park that have been without electrical power all week.

The thermostat in their home reads 57 degrees and it will get colder at night.

The refrigerator food is getting questionable. Yvonne's husband, Don, insists on staying, despite fighting pancreatic cancer under these difficult conditiions.

Fifty-six years married and Yvonne is caring for her husband by candlelight.

"It's a kinda like living in a cave. It's gray. It's cold," Yvonne said.

The couple has children and grandchildren happy to help but Don insists on staying inside the home.

"He's pretty bed-bound. As long as I have the comforters to keep him warm, and if I gets too cold, I go climb in with him," Yvonne said.

Up the street, a tree crashed into utilities that blacked out the neighborhood.

They are waiting on out-of-state power crews. Some are coming from as far away as California and Montana. The first sign of help came from Princeton, Illinois Thursday.

City Councilman Pete Matia and a handful of volunteers are delivering city notices door-to-door. It is an update on repairs and shelter information.

"Why send our electric crews up to New York. Let them get their help from Alaska, from Canada, from wherever," resident Steve Benko Jr. said.

While the rest of the neighborhood is frustrated and looking for elsewhere to spend the night, Yvonne is patient and Don is stubborn.

"I told him today, if it gets sub-zero, we're dragging you out of here tranquilized because I won't put up with it," Yvonne said.

Residents not wanting to stay at home can go to Garfield Middle School for emergency supplies, meals and cots for the night.

During the day and evening, the Gemini Center is open for residents with the same needs.


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