First Energy answers questions about power outage

10:31 AM, Nov 3, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- First Energy says it is doing everything it can to restore all power by midnight Monday.

"Our crews are working day and night to get the power back on as quickly as possible," said company spokesman Todd Schneider. "We truly appreciate our customers' patience."

He said of the 775,000 customers served by First Energy's CEI company, about 300,000 suffered power outages. That is nearly 2 in 5 customers.

"And please remember, we're out there working as fast and as hard as we can, because we want nothing more than to get the lights back on for them."

Schneider told WKYC the company was not losing ground in Northeast Ohio because it had to send employees to the East Coast to deal with massive power outages there.

"When we sent those crews, we made arrangements to bring in other crews from other First Energy companies, as well as outside utility companies to come in and support our efforts here in Cleveland," Schneider explained.

He added that First Energy correctly priortizes the order in which it deals with restoring electric power.

"Our goal is to restore the largest number first," he said. "That means we work on our transmission lines if they go down. We work on the lines coming directly out of our substations then, because each of these moves brings back a large number of customers."

Schneider said after major blocks of power are restored, crews will deal with individual streets, and then individual homes.  As of Friday evening, about 50,000 CEI customers had yet to have power restored.


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