Ravenna: Dog found nearly starved to death

12:12 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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RAVENNA --The Portage County Animal Protective League is trying to save Eeyore.

The dog warden's office picked up the stray boxer/mastiff mix Tuesday afternoon.

He was so thin, he was near death.

The dog weighs 45 pounds.  He should weigh about 90 pounds.

He was so thin, dehydrated and emaciated that he couldn't stand on his own.

His body temperature was 92 degrees and it should have been 101 degrees.

Rescue crews put him in a cage and snuggled him up in a blanket.

They fed  him small amounts of food at intervals and gave him IV fluids; he had been eating rocks and mulch to survive.

He is under veterinary care and said not to be out of the woods yet.

Hopefully he will make a full recovery and be adoptable so a great person or family can take him home.

The vet named him Eeyore because of his sad state of health.

The Portage County APL is asking for donations to help pay for Eeyore's medical bills.

If you can help, they ask that you call 330-296-4022.



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