Blog: Post-election 'venom' continues, spreads

11:14 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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The negative attitudes and confrontational stances didn't disappear after Election Day and are spreading to other topics.

At first, on Wednesday, I chalked it up to lack of sleep by a large segment of the population and political "hangovers." Sure, there were a lot of disappointed people after Tuesday night.

It would be understandable that people would lash out and be cranky in the 24 hours immediately following election results, from the presidency and down through all the other state and local races.

Some school issues passed, others failed; some judges got re-elected and others inexplicably lost.

While presidential elections are always very important, this year's took place while the East Coast was still in the grip of Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath.

Some people just got electrical power back on, only to have the Nor'easter that struck the East Coast this week douse the lights again. Starting Friday, gas is being rationed in New York City and Long Island.

As if life there isn't difficult enough, try and commit the following to memory when you're stressed:

*Drivers with license plates ending in an even number can buy only on even-numbered days. Drivers with license plates ending in an odd number can buy on odd-numbered days.

*In New York City, vanity plates with no numbers will be considered odd. When motorists that have license plates that have numbers followed by letters, only the letters count, and that would be odd.

*Friday is an odd number day.

But what I've really noticed is that people are redirecting their post-election angst and anger in other areas.

I've seen nasty comments on Facebook about the most innocuous subjects, people lashing out if there's a typo in a Facebook post (I pitied the poor guy who posted "comma" and meant "coma.")

I think everyone is just overtired or worn out from the election and can't shake the cranky mode. We need ato be nice to each other and remember that, in the end, we are all Americans.

I have heard too many sharp words and mean comments today on a variety of topics that really didn't warrant that level of disdain. Take a breath and think before you speak.

Take the weekend for an attitude adjustment. Hug your children, clean your house, take a long walk, watch a college football game. And just breathe.


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