Cleveland: Woman posts sign thanking good Samaritan

12:33 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- A local woman is showing her appreciation in a unique way for two men who returned her wallet .

Carli Cichoki posted a sign outside the Caxton Building where she works that reads: "To the FedEx man who found my wallet and the man who returned it to me thank you."

Cichoki had lost her wallet on her way back from lunch and didn't even realize it was missing until a man came and returned it.

Apparently, a delivery man spotted the wallet and found Cichoki's work address. 

He traced it back to the building and another man inside, Mark Clark, tracked down Cichoki.

"She didn't even know it was missing," said Clark.

As for the poster idea, Cichoki said she got the idea from a friend. 

"This could be a fun way to show people that good things happen," said Cichoki.

"The next day I came into work and the poster was on the wall, which is the best thank you I could have ever gotten. Made my whole week. So we both had a good week," said Clark.  


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