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Outdoors with Big Daddy: Buckeyes 'on the move'

12:09 AM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON, Ohio -- Climate change may lead to buckeye trees migrating to forests in Michigan.

Review the records of our weather and you'll see it.

The earth is getting warmer. This may lead to a twist in the Ohio State-Michigan football rivalry. You see, the "buckeye," which is the State Tree of Ohio as well as the OSU team name, grows well in Ohio now.

A hundred years from now might be a different story.

"The temperature by 2090 should be about three degrees Farenheit warmer," says Dr. John Peck, of the University of Akron. "Summertimes should be the same as they are now in Arkansas and winters very similar to North Carolina or Virginia."

The climate shift has already led to Ohio's "planting zone" status being changed by the Department of Agriculture, and soon could make Michigan the center of buckeye tree habitat in the country, leading to buckeye domination in the forests, even if Michigan leads the rivalry on the field.

WKYC Photojournalist Carl "Big Daddy" Bachtel brings you the story.


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