Watch: Mother of boy found dead laid out her life on YouTube

10:45 AM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The mother of 3-year-old Emilliano Terry, Camilia Terry, who reported him missing early Sunday evening, remains in police custody Tuesday.

She is not charged with any crime but police say their search for Emilliano went in a different direction after her statements early Monday afternoon became "inconsistent."

Camilia Terry, now 20, does not have a police record but was recently released from foster care and Channel 3 has learned that she had her first child at age 14, then had two others.

She has posted multiple videos of herself on YouTube -- many of which showcase her singing.

In one of the YouTube videos, she says she's 18 and wants to go to college and then become a lawyer, saying she has been writing songs since she was 10, singing songs since she was 5.

Some of the YouTube videos are entitled "I'll make it," "Need a Friend," "Me as Me"," "Camilia Terry" and others.

There are also multiple songs attributed to Camilia Terry posted on Some of the song titles are "Burning Inside", "Forever" and "Filled With Ivy."


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