Teacher dressed in drag arrested a third time for drunk driving

1:48 PM, Dec 3, 2004   |    comments
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It turns out this is not the first time this teacher was arrested for drunk driving and not the first time he was caught in women’s clothes. The embarrassing video was taken last Monday night in Medina Township. Mark Wurstle, 47, was pulled over by police on suspicion of drunk driving. When he emerged from his car in the cold night air, he is wearing black lace panties, no pants. “When he exited the vehicle he was wearing a black sweatshirt and black panties,” said Sgt. Todd Zieja. Medina Police arrested Wurstle in 1998 for drunk driving. When checking the police report from that incident, the officer stated that the teacher was wearing earrings, lipstick, rouge, blue eyeshadow and a black dress with white pearls. At Cloverleaf High School, few people had any idea that the head of the art department had any unusual history. Superintendent Bruce Hulme found this story to be shocking. The yearbook describes him as very passionate at the high school. Many wanted us to know they still support him. “I want everybody to know this isn’t Mr. Wurstle and he’s one of the best teachers that we have here,” said student Nicole Kovacek “If he doesn’t do it here, then there should be no problem,” student Tammi Rice added. But with this latest revelation about Wurstle’s private life, many parents are not sympathetic. They want him fired. “What should they do with this guy?” one parent was asked. “Hang him,” the parent replied. “Well the kids have no tolerance … the teachers should have no tolerance too,” said Debbie Kiszak, a parent. “I think they need to get rid of him,” parent Marlene Kemson added. “I don’t know him but I think that’s terrible. Mark Wurstle will make his first court appearance in this case Friday in Medina. The school will be meeting with his attorney and his union rep to decide on what happens next.


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