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North Canton: Man accused of stealing restaurant tips

11:59 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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NORTH CANTON -- Jojultlas Mexican Grill opened its doors to customers Friday offering up their usual energy and enthusiasm, despite being haunted by the "not so nice" memory of a real life Grinch who visited the restaurant Thursday night just before close.

"We left with 4 dollars," said Amber McGhe. McGhe was doing prep work when the man posing as a customer entered the store. She says she greeted the man, and told him they'd be right with him.

While she went to get a coworker to assist, he stood waiting until he thought no one was looking. Store surveillance cameras captured the man stealing money out of the tip jar.

And get this, he did it in front of patrons.

"There was another table that was sat right behind them so he did it right in front of them and behind my staffs back," said Gary Hulett.

"He reached for all of it the first time and didn't get it all so he went back for a second double dip" added Hulett.

Once satisfied that there was nothing left to take, he simply walked out of the store.

Jojutlas posted the video on their Facebook fan page in hopes that people would recognize the man.

People began commenting, saying they heard of similar thefts at other North Canton area businesses.

Jackson Township Police say they are looking into those reports. McGhe just hopes someone is able to identify the man, before he strikes again.

"Usually if people are that desperate, they'll do it again... he didn't hurt anybody other than our feelings but he did hurt somebody."

Jojutlas Mexican Grill is located at 4934 Portage Street and the incident happened around 8:15 p.m. Thursday.


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