Rock Hall brings in big money, CEO projects future

6:56 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Today the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum announced that Greg Harris will be taking over for longtime president and C.E.O. Terry Stewart.

In Cleveland terms, the person who runs the Rock Hall runs one of the biggest economic engines of our community.

Cynthia Schum is visiting from Arizona, but while she's here, there's something she's been meaning to see: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"It was kind of on my bucket list," says Schum. She is one of more than 9 million people to visit the Rock Hall since it opened in 1995.

"It is the highest-attended of all halls of fame in all of the United States and there's a lot of them," says David Gilbert, with Positively Cleveland.

Every year, this attraction generates $107 million for our region. 90 percent of the visitors are from outside of Cleveland, which means our hotels, restaurants and shops benefit.

But with so many music lovers in the world, newly appointed CEO Greg Harris knows there's more growth that can take place.

"The next level will be some traveling exhibits, some things like that, biggger and engaging more people and making the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame relevant to people outside of Cleveland, but at the same time driving them to visit here," says Harris.

Like Cynthia Schums, whose own bucket list has one less task, with her glowing review, there will be a lot more people in Arizona adding it to their bucket list.

"I think it would be a destination, especially when people who have been there see it and it's like, 'you have GOT to go.'"


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