Cleveland: Paper carriers concerned about Plain Dealer future

9:11 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It's not just the newsroom staff at The Plain Dealer who are worried about the paper's future.

Paper carriers who rely on a job that they work every day of the week are also concerned.

Rising costs and declining subscriptions are forcing many newspapers to cut back.

The parent company for The Plain Dealer has reduced circulation to three days a week at many of its other newspapers around the country.

As Cleveland's daily newspaper works on changes for a sustainable future, there are concerns that the daily editions will be cut back here as well.

Aside from the 150-plus staff, subcontractor newspaper carriers are also concerned.

Desiree Brown and Daniel Ingraham work a paper route seven mornings a week, delivering up to 380 papers to homes each day.

Their paper route provides good supplemental income, in addition to their full-time day jobs.

But the couple is worried about their fellow deliverers who live on the income of carrying papers.

"There's a lot of carriers who depend on this job. There's people who've been doing it for 10, 20 years. They really depend on The Plain Dealer, and they're passionate about it," Brown said.

Brown and Ingraham are also concerned about their elderly customers, some of whom wait on the porch every morning to get their daily news.

"Most of the people who get the paper on our route are elderly couples. They're not going to go on Facebook, they don't have smart phones [to get the news]," Ingraham said.

Brown and Ingraham are just trying to get the word out about the value of The Plain Dealer, in the hope that they can help save the historic newspaper -- and the jobs that come with it.


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