Brooklyn: New details released on April Cracker Barrel killings

4:45 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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New details were released regarding the April 12 Cracker Barrel shootings in Brooklyn.

On April 12, Kevin Allen, 51, shot and killed his wife Kate Allen, 42, and one of their two daughters, 9, inside the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Tiedemann Road. His other daughter, 10, died from her injuries a month later.

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The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation, in response to a Channel 3 public records request, released documents Wednesday.

In its 37-page report, BCI detailed the following:

  • The Allens had been having marital problems and Kate told her husband that night that she was leaving him and taking their daughters
  • Kevin said at work that he was "going to kill his wife and kids. His employer took this comment at face value and ordered Kevin to attend anger management classes."
  • Kate's friend Christy Musolf, of Parma, said "...Kevin had been very abusive in the last few months and had become addicted to pain medications."
  • Ted Reed, of Elyria, described alternately as a friend of Kate's and "dating Kate" alleged that Kevin was taking Oxycontin and codeine and had ordered pills via the internet."
  • Reed "described Kevin as 'becoming an over-the-counter junkie' and that there had been ...abgout 500 pills at the Allen house..." and that Kevin had "...been using Kate's PaPal account ..." to pay for them.   


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