East Cleveland: Open forum on police pursuit shooting

12:17 AM, Dec 15, 2012   |    comments
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EAST CLEVELAND -- The NAACP is hosting a second public forum for the East Cleveland Community at Shaw High School.

More then 200 people showed up last Thursday in Cleveland to ask questions about that deadly police pursuit that ended in a hail of gunfire.

Killed were Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Friday's featured speakers are the suspect's family members and East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton.

Norton met with the State's Bureau of Criminal investigation this morning to get the very latest on the investigation.

Norton says all 13 police officers involved in the shooting have been interviewed. Some will have to come back for more questioning.

BCI is creating a two-dimensional video of the scene, based on their accounts.

There will be a still picture constructed, based on where the evidence was found.

So far, several witnesses at the Justice Center verify not one but several "pops" that sounded like gunfire that were heard at the start of the chase.

Still there is no evidence the suspects were armed.

"Only in the fullness of time will we really know what happened, and only in the fullness of time will we really heal. Only when there is change, to make sure this never happens again, will we truly calm people, " Mayor Norton said. 

The Cleveland NAACP president is inviting everyone and anyone to tonight's forum. The group is inviting questions and comments from those who are participating. 


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