Slavic Village: Cleveland Police bust meth lab inside home

11:48 PM, Dec 18, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- A heavily armored truck carrying the Ohio Highway Patrol's SWAT unit rolled out of Slavic Village, after making sure the coast was clear inside an up-and-down rental home on Independence Road, which police say housed a meth lab.

Moments later, with sirens blaring, Cleveland Police and bomb squad units moved in, while stunned neighbors watched it all unfold.

"They (drug dealers) think they can get back here, and they're safe, But we watch out for our neighborhood, " said neighbor Ted Smith.

The girlfriend of the landlord for the house, Tricia Gruszczynski, said the owner was out of town, and was shocked when police told her that the woman renting the second floor of the home was cooking up meth.

The drug is as dangerous to the user as it is to neighbors, since chemicals used to make methamphetamine are potentially explosive. The fumes and the waste are both highly toxic.

Police arrested a woman, who Gruszczynski says was a college student. Officials have not released her identity.

"They (police) said that the house may not even be liveable anymore," said Gruszczynski.

"The house may not even be sellable now."


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