Medina County: Student finds spent shell casing in school lobby

8:41 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP -- Police say an elementary school student found a spent shell casing in the school lobby Wednesday morning.

School officials immediately notified the Montville police officer working at Ralph E. Waite Elementary School that the student had found the casing.

The school was put into lockdown and Medina County Sheriff's deputies and the Medina Township police came to the school.

A thorough search was completed, after law enforcement determined there was no immediate threat to students or staff.

The search included all rooms, lockers, coats, student's bags and cabinets.

After confirming everything was safe, the lockdown was lifted and the school returned to its normal schedule.

Further investigation will continue with a look at video surveillance.

Law enforecment officials said that "additonal investigations have determined the source of the casing" but released no further details. 


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