Judge: Relatives' conversations in T.J. Lane case admissible

3:53 PM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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CHARDON -- A motion to suppress conversations held by T.J. Lane's relatives in a police interrogation room have been denied.

Lane's relatives testified earlier this month that they were unaware of taped surveillance of their conversations in a police interrogation room.

In a written statement, Judge David Fuhry says "there is no reasonable expectation that conversations outside the presence of police officers will be private when they are conducted in what is obviously a police interrogation room."

According to the court, the exception to this instance is when police assure the participants their conversations are private.

Judge Fuhry also states that the Lane family members "voluntarily submitted to questioning" and "should have known that this was an interrogation room and not a private area where private conversations can take place. They knew that a family member was suspected of a serious crime."

Lane, 18, is charged in the shootings that left three students dead and three others injured at Chardon High School in February. He will be tried as an adult and faces a maximum life sentence without parole if convicted.

His trial is expected to start next month.


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