Losing weight is harder for women as they age

12:55 AM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Chances are you put on a few extra pounds over the holidays as most of us do. But if you're a woman, there is now scientific proof that losing it is harder for you than men.

Researchers uncovered a complex chemical female reaction that could explain why women get more stubborn fat in their bellies.

Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins has the skinny on the issue.

Tammy and Chris Ganer started working out a few months ago to help shed some pounds. While they both managed to lose some, Tammy says it's been much more difficult for her.

"You have to work extremely hard, sometimes more than you want to, as opposed to your husband, who stops eating two cheeseburgers and loses ten pounds," she said.

It's a frustrating reality for women. As they age, losing weight becomes harder, especially around the midsection.

Now Ohio State scientists may know why. They discovered a certain enzyme in mice linked to high fat diets and the estrogen horone.

Humans have the same enzyme but it's more prevalent in females than in males if both are eating lots of fat.

The older a woman gets, the worse it gets because women store fat differently as they age.

When they're young, estrogen appears to help them burn fat more efficiently. But as women age and estrogen levels drop, the enzyme becomes more activeand more likely to create visceral fat, even on a regular diet.

While males are prone to visceral obesity throughout their lives, in females it's not the case. It's very estrogen dependent and food quality dependent thing.


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