Blog: Another small 'black eye' for Ohio State?

9:59 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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It's not always the Ohio State football players that make national news for one reason or another, both on and off the field.

Seems like Ohio State University students made some really bad choices back in December and the news is just leaking out in the national media.

The Huffington Post ran an article today that began: "It's not the best idea to combine LSD and skiing." Yikes! Here's a summary of what happened.

Seems an Ohio State ski trip ended in four arrests and several citations on Dec. 14, after the bus driver on the rented bus taking more than 200 students to Aspen smelled pot and called the police.

(Just so you know, the student-run/operated Ohio State University Ski and Snowboard Club sponsored the trip, not OSU, according to OSU's The Lantern newspaper).

Enter the Henry County Sheriff's deputies. You see, the bus was stopped in Indiana and deputies searched the bus with K-9 units and found marijuana, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms and about $12,000 in cash.

Reuslt? About 50 students were cited for drinking alcohol and 15 were cited for marijuana possession.

Four were arrested on felony possession charges.

Oddly, I was just talking to a friend earlier this week and talk of Indiana came up. I reminded him of the song "Indiana Wants Me," a one-hit wonder back in 1970.

It was a song written and originally recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter R. Dean Taylor, released on the Rare Earth label, a subsidiary of Motown Records.

The song even had sirens blaring as part of the soundtrack as the singer pretended he was being chased by police because he was "wanted" in Indiana.

But I digress.

Now I ask you -- I know that Ohio State was banned from playing in a bowl game this year and that students are certainly entitled to blow off a little steam on their Christmas break some way.

But what were they thinking?

True, they aren't the only college students in America who indulge in drinking and some pot smoking but if they want to "party," couldn't they wait until they were in Aspen?

Just sayin'....


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