Family reacts to new video in deadly police chase

11:44 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
Photo from the night of the police-involved shooting in which two people were killed.
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CLEVELAND -- For the first time, Malissa Williams' family says they're getting closer to finding out exactly what happened in the moments leading up to her death. 

Video obtained by Channel 3 News shows the magnitude of the police chase that ended in a hail of bullets. Williams was a passenger in a car being driven by Timothy Russell. 

Russell led police on a chase back in late November and now video captured by Regional Transit Authority cameras sheds some light on the chase.

In all, 51 police cruisers can be counted chasing after Russell's car. 

Malissa's sister, Kamillie Meade, says from what she understood, only a dozen or so officers were involved. There were "so many cars," she said, adding "I don't understand why they couldn't stop them, they're so close behind them," Meade. 

After seeing the video, she says she finds it hard to understand why or how officers weren't able to block Russell's car off. 

"Where were they going to go with all those cars surrounding them?" said Meade. She wonders if she'll ever learn the truth about what happened that night. 

"They [police] wasn't expecting this video to come out with all these cars," said Meade, who added, "what are they hiding?" 

The chase, which initially started near the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland, ended in East Cleveland. A total of 137 bullets were fired into Russell's car. 

Russell and Williams were both shot more than 20 times.

Meade says her sister didn't deserve to die that way, regardless of her past.

 "You don't deserve for your criminal history to be put out because of what police did to you... that's beside the point. On November 29, 2012, she wasn't involved in anything but riding in a car," Meade said.


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