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Seven Hills: Gun shops seeing a run on firearms

9:15 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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SEVEN HILLS -- In days following the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, the cries for more gun regulations are getting louder.

Now, people afraid of change are buying weapons they wouldn't have thought of before. Northeast Ohio gun shops are seeing a run on firearms.

"There's a big run on the assault weapons and there's a large run on pretty much any kind of handgun. If you look at my showcases, they're down to nothing hardly," says Mike Dawson, owner of Five Star Firearms in Seven Hills.

His inventory is the lowest it's ever been. And once a gun is sold, there's no waiting list for another.

The reason why?

"Panic buying. People are panicking that they won't be able to get a certain thing," says Dawson.

Most people in Dawson's store lately are first-time gun buyers.

Dawson is obviously not anti-guns, but he is in favor of controlling who gets their hands on them. He would like to see laws to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill, loopholes at gun shows closed, and more punishment for people who buy guns for felons.

"What they need to do is enforce all the laws that we already have on the books. If they did that, it would take care of at least half of the problems we have," says Dawson.


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