Consumer Minute: Giant Eagle keeping prices low

8:03 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Grocery prices were expected to rise this year because of last year's drought. Giant Eagle is trying to save you money by keeping their holiday price lock through the winter. Hundreds of products will lock into a guaranteed low price for the winter. The company says they saw such a great response over the holiday season, they are keeping the prices constant, even if commodity costs increase. The price lock list includes a combination of national brands and Giant Eagle brands on everything from meat, produce, and bakery to health and beauty items.

Is it dangerous if your car is too quiet? The federal government wants hybrid and electric cars to make more noise. That's because the Department of Transportation says pedestrians and cyclists can't hear them coming. So, the feds think, if they can make the cars louder, it could prevent 2,800 accidents each year. If you have a hybrid now, it won't affect you. Changes will be phased-in for brand new models.

Android is giving Apple a run for its money. So, Apple may introduce a cheaper iPhone in an effort to reclaim some of its sales. The Wall Street Journal published an article speculating that Apple could lower the iPhone's price. They'll be able to afford it by equipping the device with a cheaper exterior than the aluminum the phone is currently made with. They're saying the cheaper phone could be out early this year.


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