Hot Topics: And the Oscar goes to?

7:52 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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We see what's trending in tonight's Hot Topics.

Nominations are in for the 85th Academy Awards. Steven Spielberg's civil war drama "Lincoln" was the clear winner, receiving 12 nominations. Shipwreck story "Life of Pi" came away with 11 nominations. Winners for the 85th Oscars will be announced Feb. 24.

We've heard of cars that drive themselves, but what about a driverless car that will also pick you up? The makers of Audi are showing off a car at a consumer electronics show that does exactly that. The car also parks itself and is controlled through a smartphone. Audi says that this concept is about a decade away from being available to the public.

New media sensation Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama star QB AJ McCarron is not liking all of this attention. Sources have said that her football player boyfriend is not too happy with his girlfriend's sudden fame. Webb cancelled a string of interviews that she was set to do. She says that she wants to spend her time with him and not concentrate on the frenzy.









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