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Jim Donovan: Rob Chudinski will have impact in 2013

6:27 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Jim Donovan, the radio voice of the Cleveland Browns and ESPN 850 sports analyst Tony Grossi discuss how the hiring of new head coach Rob Chudzinski will affect the team in 2013.

Chudzinski interviewed with three teams a year ago, but only the Browns were interested this year. Even after a second interview with Ken Whisenhunt, the Browns Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner decided that Chudzinski was the right fit for this team moving forward.

Chudzinski, a native of Toledo, grew up a Browns fan and in his early years played in the back yard during the Browns game, pretending that they were in the Dawg Pound. Chudzinski has a passion for the Browns but it may have been his connection to Norv Turner who is rumored to become the next offensive coordinator that may have sealed the deal for Chudzinski.

One thing is for sure quarterback Brandon Weeden may feel a little easier after today. Chudzinski's offensive emphasizes the down field passing game which fits to Weeden's strengths as a quarterback.

The real question is on the other side of the ball. Chudzinski has worked around 3-4 defense more so than the 4-3 in his NFL career. However, Banner went on record stating that a new brand of hybrid defense has been starting to cause problems for offenses as of late. Banner says he feels that the team has the potential to achieve this new hybrid concept without effecting the talent on the defensive side of the ball.

Chudzinski is now the 14th head coach in Cleveland Browns history and he has already struck a chord with Browns fans hearts by talking about his pleasure for dog biscuits growing up. Can the homegrown Chudzinski bring the Browns back to relevance? Jim Donovan and Tony Grossi break down the hiring of Rob Chudzinski.


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