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Five ways to climb out of debt

7:45 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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By now, most people are getting their first post-holiday credit card statement. The holidays traditionally cause most people to overspend.

If you're experiencing sticker shock over your credit card statement, follow these 5 steps to dig out of debt.

Pay more than the minimum, otherwise you keep adding debt with interest.

See if your credit card company will let you consolidate your debt onto one low interest card.

Cash is king! Make out a budget, put cash in envelopes for each category and only spend that cash.

Cut spending in every way you can. Buy generic brands, make your own household cleaners and cut out "wants" every month.

Freeze your credit card. Literally. Put your credit card in a plastic container full of water and freeze it. It will be much harder to get it out of a block of ice to use it.


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