3 on 3: Women to serve in combat overseas

3:23 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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Time for this week's 3 on 3, where three panelists tackle the hot topics of the day and try to do it in three minutes.

We have Margaret Mitchell, CEO/President of Greater Cleveland YMCA; WTAM 1100's Bob Frantz; and Terrell Dillard of Jan-Pro of Greater Cleveland.

If Facebook or Twitter is a gauge, a huge number of people were unaware that women do not serve in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta will announce plans to lift that restriction. It will likely take 3 years to officially kick in.

You've heard of the "kiss-cam" at basketball and hockey games and you love those tshirt guns that shoot cheap clothing into the crowd.

Well, the Cavs are now trying to divert our attention from their 11-32 record by introducing this Manti Te'o kiss cam, where they find people sitting next to an empty seat and invite them to have fun with the empty space next to them.


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